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  Horse Mud Fever HF
is a Herbal Support used for both prevention of and to deal with current mud fever patches.
If your horse is predisposed to Mud Fever, Rain Scald, Greasy Heel, Scratches, Rain Rot or is rundown and may become susceptible to these, it would be wise to use this herbal formula for 4 weeks before as well as during the season. This formula assists their immune systems to resist infection and strengthens their skin and coat. It is a herbal formula which is taken internally. You give a 20ml dose (mixed into dry feed) 3 times a week for 4 weeks before and during the season. If they start to get mud fever, then increase it to a daily dose until all sign of it has gone and resume a 3 times a week regime. The bottle will give you a two month prevention supply. To deal with a current infection by Rain Scald, Mud Fever, Scratches, Rain Rot: If your horse is currently suffering from mud fever or a related condition, use this formula in conjunction with one of the external products. (See below) You give a 20ml dose (mixed into dry feed) daily until all sign of it has gone and then dose 3 times a week.
Availability: In Stock
Size:   500mls  
Dose:   20mls mixed into dry feed daily.  
Type of bottle:    
Our Price : 116.00 NZD Quantity


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