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Category: Cow/Dairy Herd

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  Dairy Arnica
can be used after accidents but it does not replace any vetinerary medicines required.
Medicine:   Homoeopathic  
Size:   50mls spray bottle  

Our Price : 18.00 NZD Quantity

  Dairy Arnica Plus Cream
This herbal cream has proved to be the most popular cream in our clinic. It can be used on unbroken skin only. SMALL 50gm & MEDIUM 100gm. See also Dairy Arnica Plus Cream Max -(Large size)
Medicine:   Herbal - external use  

Our Price : 8.00 NZD Quantity

  Dairy Calving Kit
Contains: 1. Homoeopathic to apply weekly to the trough water for a month or two running up to calving. 2. A homoeopathic to apply individually or to groups of cows after they have calved, to help in fast recovery.
Medicine:   Homoeopathic  

Our Price : 50.00 NZD Quantity

  Dairy Devil's Claw
This is a top quality concentrated preparation of Devil?s Claw.
Medicine:   Herbal  
Size:   500mls  
Dose:   20mls daily  

Our Price : 124.00 NZD Quantity

  Dairy Fertility Assist Kit
Contains:1.Two different Homoeopathics which assist the body’s natural hormonal cycling and support correct activity of ovaries.

Our Price : 36.00 NZD Quantity

  Dairy Glucosamine (Mobileeze)
is recommended to support healthy joints.
Medicine:   Nutritional supplement  
Size:   500gms powder  
Dose:   5gms daily  

Our Price : 69.00 NZD Quantity

  Dairy Masitis nosode
Mastitis nosode is a homeopathic which can be used as a prevention or as a treatment for mastitis.

Our Price : 18.50 NZD Quantity

  Dairy Milk Fever Support Kit
Contains a homoeopathic for the whole herd to support the body’s own natural resistance to infection

Our Price : 20.00 NZD Quantity

  Dairy Tick nosode
Dairy Tick nosode 30C is a homeopathic used to repel ticks from climbing onto cattle.
Type of bottle:    

Our Price : 18.50 NZD Quantity


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