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  100ml and 200ml Herbal Formulas
If you would like a formula made up for your specific health problem phone Pat on 09 432 0820 for a brief phone consult. If appropriate Pat will then formulate a mix for you. Then return to this page and add it to your shopping cart.
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Our Price : 31.00 NZD Quantity

  Creams: Arnica + Cream
Contains Arnica, Rehmannia, Kava. Great to use on bruises, aches and pains, stiff sore joints. Use only on unbroken skin. Available in 50gm & 100gm pots.

Our Price : 8.00 NZD Quantity

  Creams: Skin Smoothe
This Herbal cream contains Vitamin E, Rosehips and Calendula . It has a beautiful silky feel when you apply it to your skin. Ideal for dry, blemished skin, stretch marks and scared areas. Do not use on broken skin.

Our Price : 20.00 NZD Quantity

  DE - Fresh Water organic Diatomaceous Earth
DE comes in a fine powder form and is used internally to kill worms It is a non chemical treatment. Read more to find out how.

Our Price : 10.00 NZD Quantity

  Herbal Wormer
Our herbal wormer is a combination of the traditional herbs for worming: Wormwood, Black Walnut, Mryyh, Gentian, Cloves

Our Price : 31.00 NZD Quantity

  Herbal Wormer for Pregnant Women
Our herbal wormer is a combination of the traditional herbs for worming: Wormwood, Tansy, Manuka, Gentian, Cloves suitable for pregnant women.
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Our Price : 31.00 NZD Quantity

  Lavender oil
Essential oil. There are many uses for Lavender oil. A little can be rubbed on the temples to soothe a headache, to help you if you are fatigued or help with sleep. You can use as a scent. Can be used in a burner.

Our Price : 23.50 NZD Quantity

  Minerals - TJ Clark's Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver is manufactured with Ecovortex Energised Water. Colloidal Silver helps to support the body's immune system and natural defences, to aid healing. Can be used on the skin or diluted in water/juice and taken internally.

Our Price : 11.00 NZD Quantity

  Minerals - TJ Clark's Colloidal minerals
The 500ml bottle contains a balance of trace minerals used by our bodies daily. This makes it an ideal supplement to our dietary intake. The main thing people notice is an increase in energy.

Our Price : 40.80 NZD Quantity

  Rescue Remedy
Rescue remedy is well know for its calming and soothing help when one is upset. You can carry the dropper bottle around with you for use anytime you feel you need some calming drops.
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Our Price : 12.00 NZD Quantity

  Tea-tree oil
25ml - Essential oil. There are many uses for Tea-Tree oil. It has been shown to have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity. You can apply to areas affected by fungal infections etc. On delicate skin it is best to dilute it ...

Our Price : 12.50 NZD Quantity


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