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We offer Herbal and Homoeopathic Solutions to various animal health problems.

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HORSE LINKS The website for and about Parelli natural horsemanship students in Northland. Equine Rescue New Zealand

natural horse leads, halters and wands

Natural Horse Saddlery is a small online store that specialises in Natural Horsemanship  Products, Training and Equipment. Horsetalk -- World Equestrian news and information. Also lots of NZ horsetalk.
www.energyworks                      Energy healing for horses Check out those lovely Kaimanawa horses Give your pet a free ticket home if they get lost - by registering with PetFindNZ Natural Equine Management and Hoof Care.
www.energyworks                Energy healing for dogs                                                        The Hole Diggers Club, Gisborne

                                                                                       The one-on-one personal care                                                                                        & understanding combined with                                                                                        a range of complimentary therapies,
                                                                                        exercise, feeding and              

                                                                                       grooming programmes are . . .
                                                                                        ”The Best A Dog Can Get” Wellington District German Shepherd Dog Club (Inc) - Photos, champions, events and more We are proud to present K9 perspective magazine, keeping you informed about the latest news, reviews, and research on dogs from around the globe.
  • The BEST Dog Kennel & Dog House Source!
  • Your #1 BEST Source for Kennels, Dog Houses, Crates, Pens, and Beds.  Also available, Training, Clothes, SAFE Food, Collars, Toys, and much more!  Shop Now! Walk into NZ's dog web- Information about working dogs, training issues, dog problems, a listing of dog clubs, trainers and breeders, canine health and care, a dog blog for discussions, and a section for teachers & students. The Dog News Section is updated daily. Dog Obedience Training and Canine Behaviourist Dog- - Dog Breeds & Pictures and more Doggies Paradise Information and Help for Dogs and their Humans
Agility Dog Equipment - Large selection of affordable, durable dog agility equipment. Variety of weave poles, jumps, obstacles and other agility accessories. Free shipping on all merchandise!  Dog Search Information The complete guide to dogs, with breed information, puppy care advice, dog health, dog rescue, dog classifieds and more. The Security Sport Leash is primarily designed for large breeds, aggressive dogs, security animals and as an aid in training Health and wellbeing. the complete guide to wellbeing. Canine behaviour and resource centre.
ANIMAL LINKS This is an Animal Related Link Exchange where you can view heaps of links to animal sites.
www.energyworks                      Energy healing for animals Give your pet a free ticket home if they get lost - by registering with PetFindNZ
Diseases from > Animals: > Dangerous Zoonoses! Diseases From Animals Advanced Dog Collars, Cat Collars for Pets is the premier source of coupons for online merchants. A great place to save money and time while shopping online. Pets Directory
Fine Pet ID Tags Lovely Pet ID Tags, Dog ID Tags, Pet Tags for Pets. FB Health - Animal Health Honeybalm for Pets Pet supplies directory

Dog Supplements

Keep your dog healthy with top of the line dog supplements and vitamins. At Natural Pet Warehouse you will find the essential items to keep your pet happy and healthy.

HERB HOMOEOPATHIC/HEALTH LINKS Ginny's heirloom vegetables, flowers, herbs and seeds. Plenty of information and a great catalogue. Australian Traditional Medicine Society
OTHER LINKS health/homeopathy - browse the Keyword Map of The Vitamins and Nutrition Center provides accurate information on vitamins and nutrition, research on vitamins and the different effects of vitamin deficiency. Comprehensive Pet Directory including High Tech Pet Store, Pet Travel Carrier and Lonely Pets Club   Contact lens- Contacts America offers discounts lenses available at low prices straight to the public.

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