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We offer Herbal and Homoeopathic Solutions to various animal health problems.

Pat and Dancer  

Pat Hunter
N.D. D.M.H. Dip Hom (Syd)

RC Hom (NZ)        MNZAMH (NZ)

  I completed a 3½ year full-time diploma at Naturecare College in Sydney in 1986 when I graduated in Medical Herbalism, Classical Homoeopathy and Naturopathy.
  I was employed fulltime for seven years by two of Sydney's busy government funded community health centres. In 1993 I returned to New Zealand and settled in Northland where I have worked in my own private practice ever since.



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Pat's Healing Centre

A clinic for humans and animals

  I opened Pat's Healing Centre in Waipu in October of 1995. This was the first clinic of its kind to open in the main street of Waipu and there was immediate interest in what I was doing. The practice has grown steadily over the years and has involved me in treating many animal patients as well as human. I have a good relationship with our local veterinary clinic and a few years ago they asked me if I would put together a selection of products for them to use in their clinic and to sell over the counter. Then it seemed an obvious extension to offerSome of the animals that live at Pat's place these products on my website.Sometimes, as with human patients, I am sent the difficult cases, for which, in the case of animals, the vets can't seem to find a suitable solution for certain conditions. Many times, a herbal or homoeopathic medicine is safer and better in the long term for the animal than veterinary pharmaceuticals. I prefer that the animals I treat have been checked out by the vet first, unless the problem is a simple, obvious one, to ensure nothing is missed diagnostically.

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  I believe that it is important that people have the opportunity to choose to deal with a fully trained and registered professional, should they wish to do so. (This is not to say that there are no good untrained practitioners out there). We cannot say that all natural products are completely safe. Many must be administered in the correct dosage and so on. A trained professional is more likely to administer medicines safely. So I will list for you here the associations for which I have qualified as a trusted practitioner:
  • New Zealand Council of Homoeopaths
    (See website )
  • New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists
    (See website )
  • National Herbal Association of Australia                             (See website
  • Australian Homoeopathic Association

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Pat's Healing Centre


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