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The clinic room



     July the rainbow blesses the framing.






Pat's Healing Centre, a busy clinic for both people and animals, operated from 1995 until July 2014 in the main street of Waipu. As well as a clinic for humans and animals there was a shop selling Pat's own herbal products and a wide selection of natural health products for both humans and animals.

In July 2014 Pat semi-retired  from treating human clients and rclosed the clinic and shop in the main street of Waipu.

Now !  A Change of focus to animals treatment as well as

   continuing supplying products for people as usual.

Pat's Healing Centre and www.animalherbs

move into the new clinic room

Pat and Claire have built a room for Pat's "animalherbs" practice where she can consult with owners regarding their animals, sell her products for both humans and animals and package up orders to courier to various parts of the globe.


The new clinic is open.

Pat's Training and Experience in the health field :

Pat Hunter graduated in 1986 from Naturecare College's fulltime 3 1/2 year course in Sydney, after which she was employed as the naturopath, medical herbalist and homoeopath for both Leichhardt and Liverpool Women's Community Health Centres from 1986 until 1993. Pat returned to NZ in 1993 and worked in Northland ever since.

Ran her busy practice from Pat's Healing Centre, Waipu from Oxtober 1995 until July 2014.

She is a Medical Herbalist, Homeopath and Naturopath.

Pat prefers to have a consultation with her clients (or owners in the case of animals), so she can design the best treatment for each individual.

We courier medicines for humans and animals within NZ and post medicines overseas.

The Dispensary



For an appointment with Pat Hunter

phone (09) 432 0820

or email Pat on homeopat@ubernet.co.nz

Pat is fully qualified as a Medical Herbalist



                                     Bowen Practitioner

                                     Scenar Therapist

                                     Animal Health Practitioner