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Sunday, 13th April 2014


Barge Showgrounds Whangarei

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Helen Frances - Photographer

The Sponsors - see below

The Helpers and Judges

Tori Murray-Elley - for Spotlights

Leanne Cameron - Course designer

for our 2013 NH Games

The 2011 Northland Natural Horsemanship Games was the first of it's kind in NZ if not the world. This year is our 4th Games!!

What is unique about the Northland Natural Horsemanship Games ?

Contestants play set games with their horses on the ground and on horseback with the emphasis on the relationship between human and horse being the most important aspect. Horses are asked to go over, under, around, up to, sideways along and backwards through various objects, and stay in full contact with their humans.

There are 14 games and each contestant can potentially win all fourteen games. They can choose from one of 3 levels of difficulty to play the game at. Each time they and their horse win a game as partners they receive a ribbon -

mauve ribbons for 5 points, pink ribbons for 10 points and purple ribbons for 20 points.


Okay! So its time to ask the first contestants to step up and begin the On Ground games. These are the first games of the day and humans and horses alike are a little shy to be the first to start. Suddenly a shout goes out " Here!, over here!  We have our first contestants ready to go!" The arena gate opens and ....  its Daisy the goat !!!

"I'll show you all how to do it!"     Daisy is paying full attention and off she goes with clear intent             "They make these jumps rather big!"


In the spotlight:          Tori and Redinka


Redinka and Tori came out and did two spotlights. They weren't completely what Tori had planned. However what a fantastic demonstration of how the human must always be with the horse where she is right now. Tori stayed with Redinka and what we saw was beautiful.           

f u n

e x c i t i n g

c h a l l e n g i n g

e d u c a t i o n a l

e n t e r t a i n i n g

i n s p i r a t i o n a l

and it's all about the horse and your relationship with her/him.

On Ground Jump,Turn & Jump:

Penelope likes small buckets and plenty of time

Jump, Turn and Jump Game

It's not about how high you can jump.

It's about being able to have your horse jump, then stop, and look at you if you are on the ground, then turn and jump again.

If you are on horseback, the game is jump, stop and back up to the barrel.

Start with 3 barrels; see if you can get down

to only 1 barrel.

Clementine the mule jumped beautifully.


Trust Me Game


asks the horse to walk over the tarp, touch the moving stick with his/her nose and stand calmly for a few seconds


Home of Northland Parelli Students website

Meet us -Learn about what we do.

Read about Parelli Natural Horsemanship

What's On?

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  Want to know more?


Have a look at the On Ground and Ridden games       and our wonderful 2013 Sponsors!

The Games that are played

  On The Ground           and then           On Horseback


Jump, Turn and Jump

             Jump, stop, back up and

shrinking barrels

Sideways straddling pole

or drums

Figure of 8

Back up through drums




Trust Me

Float Loading

Obstacle Trail Course

Hail goes  over the bridge


Dream Catcher pushes the big red ball

Up onto the pedastal

Marty squeezes through the bollards and is ready to go through the curtain

Portraits of the Contestants and Horses 2013

The Vincent family

Petra Vincent

on Sovereign


Jesse Vincent

and Shiloh

Jonathon Vincent

on Denny

Hannah Vincent

on Shiloh

Sarah Vincent

on Bella

and with Spud

The Mc Ilhenney Family

Eva McIlhenney

on Paris


Emily McIlhenny

and Sponge Bob

Annabel (with mum, Elaine)

on Marty

Lorraine Swanepoel

with Star

Cindy Barnes and Zorro

Billie Stenhouse

with Penelope

Chris Boniface

with Finn

Chris Boniface

on Massari

Yasmine Bowden

and Dixi Chick

Davina Mannion

with Joker

Annette Vollmer

with Clementine (her mule)Oh! My darling Clementine!

Debz Shaw

and Saffy

Ellie Harrison

on Wind Wanderer (Baby)

Richelle Marsh

with Hail

Zoe Watson


on Misty

Jaida Joy

               on Simba

Deb Williams

with Dreamcatcher

Maddi Welsh

     with Faith

Hana Gilbert with Destiny Daria Dragla with Bobbie



Copy and paste the above poster and print out your own copy. If you would like several to put up in your area - contact Leanne 432 1336 or Pat on 432 0018

  Support   Our 2013 Sponsors 

 NHG Major Sponsor !!


Obstacle Trail Course

Parelli Australia

The Australian Parelli team has donated fantastic prizes for our Games this year :

Four of the newest educational DVD's :

Fresh Canvas         AUD$302.97

Pre-Saddle Training  AUD$190.82

Rider Biomechanics    AUD$155.10

Scale of Training-Part1AUD $190.82


Musical Hoops

Russell Higgins

Licensed 4* Parelli Professional Senior Instructor Horse Development Specialist

In previous years Russell has been our star in the arena with his fabulous demos.

We thank him for his donations of Parelli equipment for this year.





On Ground -Float-loading Game


Cowleys Hire

Located in Whangarei

Commercial and Industrial Hire

Every item shown here on our website has been meticulously maintained and serviced and is ready to do the job for which it is intended. Our comprehensive commercial and industrial range is vast and covers practically all areas of building and contacting requirements.



On Horseback- Back up between Barrels Game

Horselands Equestrian LimitedHorselands Equestrian LimitedHorselands Equestrian Limited  
Horselands Equestrian Limited

Horselands Equestrian Limited

77a Kahikatea Flat Rd, Dairy Flat

Ph/fax 09 426 3401

Master saddle fitter of WOW saddles -Yvonne Gausden Society of Master Saddlers UK

Supplies saddles, bridles,rugs, clothing, riding boots, accessories and supplements.


A WashBar Horse & Hound Shampoo Bar is a great way to wash your horse - it won't leak in your tack bag, you won't lose half the bottle when the horse kicks it over part way through the wash, and at the equivalent of over a litre of liquid shampoo in a single bar, it's really economic. Not only that, it smells great too.


On Ground - Slalom Game



WashBar is a Whangarei owned and operated company. We are committed to producing natural sustainable products, made right here in New Zealand.We've always tried to use quality natural products on ourselves, and it's only natural to want the same for our animals.

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On Ground - Back up Between Barrels Game


Fiber Fresh Feeds Ltd specialises in optimising horse digestion and performance by producing highly digestible advanced fibre feeds which have been specifically developed to suit the mono-gastric digestion of horses.

Cornerstone Nutrition® recognizes that for optimum digestive tract health and to avoid the debilitating effects of digestive stress, forage fibre should make up at least 50% of every horse’s daily feed intake



On Ground- Jump, Turn and Jump Game

Natural Hoof

Natural Hoof is proud to support the Northland Natural Horsemanship Games and pleased it is such a great success. We at Natural Hoof promote  natural horse care, and you can find out more on our website:  Teresa Ramsey 


On Ground-Trust Me Game


RD1 is New Zealand’s largest rural supplies retailer - a one-stop-shop for all farming and lifestyle solutions. Anyone can shop at RD1. We promise you the best range of products, exceptional service and we won’t be beaten on price!  

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On Ground- Sideways Game

Energy Healing for People and Animals   

Phone 09 - 444 6374




On Horseback- Sideways Game

  Bream Bay Pilates
Pilates for Horse Riders
Pilates supports your position in the saddle. Posture, strength and control of your movements are indicative of how little you interfere with the movements of the horse.
If you learn to be aware of your movements while on the ground you will then improve awareness while you are in the saddle.
Contact and information: T 09 4320386 M 021 2998840 


On Ground- Figure of Eight Game

HorseTackNZ Saddlery

Importers & Exporters of Quality Equestrian Products for the Comfort & Therapy of the Australasian Horse & Rider  Suzanne Liddell 4375304





On Horseback- Slalom Game


Ethos Leather

Whangarei based makers of quality leather belts, Western and English tack, custom made goods and repairs.

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On Horseback -Figure of Eight Game

The Saddle Bag

Your online shop for Nt-dry and other natural products including fly sprays, detanglers and natural shampoos.

Shane & Angela Downs

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Michelle Tappenden

Assisting Animals and Their People




Contact Michelle for in person or distance consultations via:


Facebook: Natural Horse HarmonyPhone;  09 4018899


On Horseback: Shrinking Barrels

Wild River Equestrian Supplies


We sell equestrian supplies:

bridles, covers, brushes  and much more.

You can talk to Shannon at her 2013 NHGames stall





Animalherbs @ Pat's Healing Centre

in the main street of Waipu provides services for both humans and animals. Pat Hunter is a trained Homeopath, Medical Herbalist and Naturopath in practice since 1986. She also treats back, neck and joint pain/problems with Bowen and Scenar.

Animalherbs is an arm of the business which provides health solutions for animals worldwide. and www.PatsHealingCentre





Break 'n Out Game


Subtropica sells subtropical and tropical plants that grow and fruit successfully in NZ's subtropical and temperate climate. They have a wide range of edible plants in their catalogue, including some rare ones. Visit them online or at their nursery.

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High Country Western saddle

High Country Saddlery 

Halfbreed saddles, Stock saddles

and Polocrosse saddles

High Country Saddlery is a small, family business run from their beef farm, near Taupo.

Visit their Online saddlery :

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- A small selection of western saddles

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Thank you Nick and Jo for all those cans of spray paint. You have left your mark on the games field!

               Waipu ITM

Katie Watts in Waipu offers a great range of Natural beauty services and products. Her products are all organic.

13 The Centre Waipu

09 432 0584

021 165 2019

Zippy's Cafe serves quality coffee, delicious real fruit ice creams and yummy snacks. Zippy is quietly green, running on solar power!

Call Alice at home on   09 432 1710
                  or on the go    021 02480569


Trumps Cafe

Supplying food on our big day. Filled rolls and sandwiches For more about Trumps visit their website:Phone: 094012816MOB


Trev's Truck


hot dogs

cold drinks